The vision for this team is to reach out to missionaries and ministries that Trinity Church partners with.

We encourage the team to have Relationship with the missionary, have the Opportunity to know more about them and the world, Pray and Encourage them.

We need more volunteers on this team, and it’s an easy area to serve. Basically, all the communication happens through email, Facebook, or by phone, and you can determine how much time and effort you would like to give.

To join the team, fill out the form and we will assign a missionary to you and give you all the details.



“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news”
Isaiah 52:7a (NIV)


Ask them how you can best care for them.

Communicate often

Typically, two or three quick texts or emails a week are much better than one long email each month. These can be a quick prayer or a quick hello. Consistent little gestures of care and love tend to be much better than one rare, big one.

Respond to their newsletters

It’s tremendously encouraging. Your response doesn’t have to be long, just respond.

Remember security

Check with the missionary or church to be sure your communication doesn’t endanger missionaries working in countries actively opposed to Christianity.

Pray with and encourage them

Pray for their strength, for their affections and for fearless love for those they’re ministering to. Pray for God to move mightily. If you’re among their closest community, give them the opportunity to join your group in grace-filled confession and repentance and then Spirit-filled worship. Encourage them in the Word. Remind them of God’s faithfulness.

Register for Rope Team

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