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If I Go You Go

If I Go You Go

For the last several years, Succeed Forever Community has served the community, and surrounding communities, by providing The Limitless Program to at-risk students. The Limitless Program and our Leadership Connection program specifically teaches students to dream big dreams, how to set smart goals, to focus on accomplishing those dreams and goals, and to believe that they will succeed through one on one and group coaching, success workshops, and connection to service and business opportunities. This is accomplished by partnering with jr high schools, high schools, and alternative schools to offer the program during the school day. This year we launched our new after-school program to reach more students, in partnership with several Title Boxing Club locations. Our goal is to have the after-school program available at no charge to students who could otherwise not afford it. We are continually seeking connections and any community advocates or sponsorship opportunities that you may be able to connect us with will equip more students in need. This program continues to develop the mind, BODY, and spirit with a positive physical outlet as well as continued leadership teaching.  


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