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If I Go You Go

Robert & Crissy Godwin
Robert & Crissy GodwinEurope

It has been an unbelievable journey, serving in the nation of Mongolia for the last 18 plus years – watching the work of God in a nation where only 5 known believers existed 25 years ago. Today close to 80,000 Mongolians are serving Jesus and over 400 congregations of various kinds exist across the nation! In Mongolia our time focused on many different areas such as pastoring, developing leaders, the Full Life Study Bible translation work, the Women’s prison, planting churches, the Bible School, working with women coming out of prostitution and touching the young business professionals returning to Mongolia. Now our journey continues in a new direction – Church planting among the “Unreached” of Estonia and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)! In Estonia alone, only 1% are Evangelical in their faith, 90% of Estonians under the age of 40 believe in no God! They are now called the “Least Religious” nation in the world! We are working right now with the first church plant of the Baltic Initiative – The Focus Church. We will be the next church planting team leaders launched into a new area of Estonia – with the mandate to reach the Unreached.


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