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If I Go You Go

If I Go You Go

Founder and President of MIA Ministries, a Licensed Assemblies of God Minister.  Rick has a passion for the hearts of men and women to find an eternal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Mentoring people through his life experiences and the knowledge he gained in 3 years at the North Texas Assemblies of God School of Ministry where he graduated with an Ordination Certificate.

Rick has been serving the Lord since he was first married to Janene, his wife of 34 years.  The Lord has healed him twice in his lifetime so far!

Once on July 7th he was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer.  He has been cancer free since November 2006.  Just recently June 14th 2015 at the beginning of church service Tim Storey call him forward to heal his back.

Rick is called to Father the Fatherless, Speak Life into those who are questioning their faith and Mentor those who are seeking a deeper relationship with Trinity (God the Father, Jesus Christ Savior, and the Holy Spirit!)


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