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Mario Ducic
Mario DucicEurope

Mario was born in Zagreb in 1973 to a catholic family. During the war, in 1991, he began his theological studies at Thelogocial Seminary Matija Ilirik in Zagreb, Croatia. During his second year a christian befriended him and began witnessing to him. At this time his grandmother become ill and so he asked his friends to pray for her. God answered this prayer and she was healed of her severe pain. The answered prayer softened his heart and that same night as he read the book of John he said to himself, “ This is truth. I find myself in every word. This is what I need.”  And afterward he experienced great change.
Mario completed a two year course in Practical Theology at CFNI, Dallas,TX. He completed his theological studies, on the field of Christian Counseling , on the theme of “ Sexual Abuse of Children” . He post-graduated in “Effective Christian Leadership. In 2012 Mario completed his doctoral studies in Practical Theology with special emphasis on leadership.
Mario become pastor and president of Crkva cjelovitog evandelja in the fall of 2001. In addition to his vision to work and serve both in Zagreb and the entire country of Croatia, as the pastor, Mario has formed many ministries in the church, initiated civil organizations, and various practical church ministries with the goal of effective ministry and positive influence of society. Mario married Bonnie Hackett, who’s also alumnus of CFNI. She leads the contemporary band “Bez Kompromisa”.


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