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If I Go You Go

Love on the Move – Native American Ministries.
We seek to do exactly what our name implies. Since God is LOVE (I John 4:8), our purpose is to share His love where He has called us – to the Navajo people on the Navajo Reservation (which is the largest reservation in the U.S. with a land-mass equivalent to West Virginia) Many in the United States are unaware of the beautiful Indigenous people groups that remain here. Much of that culture still exists onreservations here in the United States. Among the Navajo people – a third live without running water, electricity or indoor plumbing.  Weather conditions can be harsh causing breakdown of the numerous dirt roads throughout this area. School buses often cannot pass these roads in winter or during severe rains causing children’s education to suffer. Poverty and poor health care are also large concerns. Drugs, alcohol, crime, and suicide percentages are multiple times higher than the rest of the U.S.

We are coming up on seven years of service as missionaries to the Navajo people; during that time while serving humanitarian needs, ministering through prayer, and evangelistic outreaches, we realized there was a great need for Bible and leadership training among the Navajo people.  Many know some of theBible but there is much confusion between traditional Navajo tribal beliefs (polytheism), superstitions, and other erroneous doctrines. There are also many older Navajo Pastors that have told us they have no one to pass on their churches to when they complete their assignments or pass away. We have seen numerous churches close or dwindle.  Thus, we have partnered with Rod and Celeste Groomer’s Native American Initiative to bring Bible and leadership training to the Navajo people by pioneering  Christ For The Nations Institute – Navajo Nation sites on the Navajo reservation (CFNI – Missions satellite schools). We reach out through God’s love in whatever capacity we are able: hospital visitation, marriage counseling, food donations, homeless ministry, jail ministry, officiating weddings, celebrating life with the Navajo (births, baby showers and birthdays) and lifting them up when mourning a death, Back-to-school outreaches, numerous holiday outreaches – including a BIG Christmas outreach with toys and gifts for kids, hosting Summer short-term mission teams and holding VBS’s.  Every year we find new doors opening to us, new opportunities for expanded borders and we see the light of God burning brighter pushing back the spiritual darkness here. As doors continue to open, we would eventually like to expand into the Hopi, Ute, Jicarilla-Apache Reservations.


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