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If I Go You Go

David & Phyllis Porter
David & Phyllis PorterUnited States

They were Luxembourg missionaries for 20 years working at planting churches, doing outreach services in France and even teaching some in Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels while they were assigned to Luxembourg. In 2001 they went to Reims, France.

Their main ministry was preaching in the churches, editing a magazine (Victoire) and working as one of the pastors in the local church when they weren’t preaching elsewhere.

Presently, they work as one of the pastors in Creteil, a church in the Paris region which has exploded in growth, going from a church plant 10 years ago to around 700 today in four services. They still preach in other churches about twice a month, doing marriage seminars, evangelistic outreaches, and “general” preaching.

In addition, David edits an online magazine called Victoire ( , and a weekly devotional that goes to around 5500 people called Coffee Stains/Taches de Café.

Phyllis has been involved in helping get women’s ministry started in France and often addresses ladies groups in local churches in addition to acting as an advisor to the ladies on a national level.


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