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If I Go You Go

David & Fran Wakefield
David & Fran WakefieldUnited States

David and Fran have served the Wycliffe Global Alliance as project consultants, trainers, and administrators since 1970 in Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Papua New Guinea, China and Thailand.

They began their own translation project among the Miniafia people of Papua New Guinea on December 7, 1973. They were the first outsiders to live with these people. Since 1993, they have served Wycliffe exclusively in training, consulting, and administrative roles.

David has been working as associate professor in several universities. David & Fran presently serve on SIL Asia’s Scripture Engagement team, coordinating available cultural research resources to meet Wycliffe Global Alliance project needs throughout Asia.

There are as yet 582 languages in Asia that have no access to God’s Word in their own language. Their job is to help Wycliffe personnel and their national Christian coworkers in Asia learn about, and communicate across, cultural differences both between themselves and the people they wish to reach with the Good News.


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