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If I Go You Go

Charles & Tahanya Porter
Charles & Tahanya PorterUnited States

Charles was born in Arkansas, moved as an infant to Texas where his parents pastored before becoming missionaries themselves. David and Phyllis Porter still serve in Europe where Charles spent most of his growing up years.

They’ve always been passionate about the things of God, and the work of God among the nations. When they went to the Sudan, it was not as missionaries, but as language students, and later teaching English. Charles coached basketball for a time.

Always, there was this passion to communicate. During our time in Sudan, Charles wrote “Turbans and Took Tooks.” Their 7 years in Tanzania were some of the richest of their lives. Starting and then pastoring the Ocean International Community Church was a rare privilege. To see a church birthed from nothing and grow to hundreds was fun.

“To pastor people from over 20 different nationalities was humbling.” “Today, its an honor to serve the entire Africa missionary family through the Africa Communications office. Because of health reasons, we are physically located in the US, but our ministry is still very much in Africa.”


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