We have to canceled all our overseas mission trips as part of coronavirus response plan.
If there are changes we will inform you here.

Please be praying for missionaries around the world!

While I was in Africa, we were invited to go to a school to present something to the kids. I found some cardboard and I had some face paint; I painted a giraffe. As I was painting, I told the kids that ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to come to Africa and see a giraffe! It was a dream that I had, and that dream came true! Then, Katee Hennessy asked the kids if they had any dreams. I remember seeing that despite what these kids were faced with and their circumstances, they had plenty of dreams and hopes for their future and for what they wanted to become! God has wired us this way. He has placed that inside of us. We were made to hope and to dream. And just like those children, to do it even when our circumstances tell us otherwise.

Kathryn Soria • Trinity Church