Local Missions

Through Local Missions we support and partner with local ministries to reach the people of our community

Tara Bollinger

INSPIRE School Programs

INSPIRE School Programs is committed to offering quality programs to empower public middle and high school students to reach their potential through programs designed to encourage self-esteem, healthy relationships, respect, positive choices, mental wellness, resilience, and leadership. Each week hundreds of students are mentored in their classrooms on six school campuses as well as a juvenile detention facility. Over 8,000 students have been mentored through INSPIRE in the last five years. Three other churches in Texas and Florida are now doing INSPIRE in their community.

Curtis Jackson

Under The Bridge Homeless Outreach
2716 Dawson St, Dallas,Tx 75226

Love Under the Bridge

We began a homeless outreach a few years ago with nothing more than a few volunteers, some lunch bags, and a desire to touch the poor, the hurting and the hopeless under a bridge. God has tremendously blessed our outreach efforts since that time. Now we meet the 3rd Sunday of the month to conduct a full heartfelt outreach service complete with live uplifting music, freshly cooked meals (compliments of Runners Refuge), water, prayer, clothing distribution, guidance, support & much more. Volunteers travel from all over the metroplex armed with compassion, care and a strong sense of purpose. We affectionately call this, “Compassion In Action!” We give volunteers the opportunity to give back and be the hearts and hands that literally heals and saves lives! It has grown into much more than just an outreach to homeless individuals. The homeless have become our family ! It is truly, “Love Under the Bridge!”

Paula Manley

Royal Family Kids Camp

South Dallas Royal Family Kids Camp provides summer camp for children ages 6-12 in South Dallas and Ellis county who have been affected by abuse and neglect and are in foster care. This past summer about 50 members of Trinity volunteered to serve in some way during the week of RFKC. During the week of camp, our goal is to create moments that matter and to demonstrate the love of the Father to our campers.
Our Camps and Mentoring Clubs consist of Christian volunteers from local churches who give of themselves to invest in the lives of hurting children. You can give a child hope in the midst of their hurt and pain with your words of encouragement, care, and time.

Jay Dan

Forgiven Felons

Helping People with a past realize their Future!

We try to accomplish this by: Getting Right- whether in prison or out, getting your mind and heart right is vital to staying on the right track. Getting Out- getting out of whatever situation you’re in. Prison, parole, probation, addictions, unemployment. Sometimes this takes time and effort but it’s important to always be moving forward. Giving Back- pouring into someone else is the most surefire way to the focus off ourselves. Most of our consequences with the law are brought about by selfishness. For more information, please visit our website.

Nicole Hernandez

Bridges Safe House

Bridges is a nonprofit, faith based transitional housing program which is operated by donors and volunteers.
We provide shelter, resources, life skills training, counseling, and mentoring necessary to empower for life’s obstacles. We do this with a stable and safe environment while we instill the confidence and character to take their lives to the next level. Currently Bridges specifically serves women who are pregnant and women with children who have nowhere else to turn. Since the beginning of Bridges, it has been amazing to see God’s blessing on all that come through our doors.

Rick Glover

M.I.A. Ministries

M.I.A. Ministries is a Christian organization dedicated to Mentoring, Intimacy, and Action.
For nearly 10 years, M.I.A. Ministries has been going into correctional facilities on a part-time basis, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those behind bars, and offering the hope of true transformation. Through the use of Bible-based programming, and with the help of other committed volunteers, lives are being changed, hope is being restored, and darkness is being replaced with the promise of a future. Now M.I.A. Ministries has moved into Full-Time Ministry!

Donovan and Emily Dock

Succeed Forever Community

The focus of Succeed Forever Community is to see community transformation through student transformation by partnering with schools, students and community leaders. Through Succeed Forever Community the Limitless Student Program focuses on motivating students to see their current life circumstances. The Limitless Program specifically teaches students to dream big dreams, how to set smart goals, to focus on accomplishing those dreams and goals, and to believe that they will succeed.
We are empowering at-risk students through Limitless Coaching, Leadership Connections, Rise Golf Academy, and The Outlet thrift store.
– Speaking and Student Coaching
– Volunteer opportunities with students and the thrift store
– Monetary and in-kind donations
– Special Events and Fundraisers

Carolyn J Hudson

Silent Screams Inc.

Silent Screams Inc. is a service committed to offering quality resources to survivors of sex assaults. Most survivors of sexual assaults are silent. Victimization leaves many with anxiety disorders, addictions, low self-esteem, shattered trust, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, etc. Silent Screams has a virtual network of professionals, services and support groups ready to encourage clients to overcome the effects of trauma through gaining mental and emotional wellness. Our clients are both female and male.
Our Mission is to embrace, encourage, empower and inform survivors, to educate and engage the community in creating a positive change in the life of survivors and the life of the community.

Mandi Killough

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

For over 25 years, PPC has been a voice of hope for the unborn and a voice of love for the women in crisis pregnancies. We provide spiritual, emotional, and medical assistance to expectant mothers and support to their families through compassionate counsel and training, and by offering hope through personal faith in Christ. PPC has seen over 10,000 client visits this year and over 90% of these mothers life! Pro-life in word and pro-love in action, we share the message of Christ’s love with women in crisis pregnancies. PPC operates from both a traditional brick and mortar location, as well as a mobile clinic. Visit prestonwoodpregancy.org/friends to find out more!

Steve Davenport

Seed Company

At Seed Company we are passionate about accelerating the translation of God’s Word in every heart language that needs it by 2025. Working with over 1400 global partners, we serve the local church by providing training, consulting, funding, and project management that leads to a meaningful, accurate translation in the local mother tongue. Thousands of prayer partners provide a solid foundation for the work.With over 2100 language groups without a single verse of Scripture, we invite you to join us to end Bible poverty, now!

Jana Ewing

Jake E’s Riding Round Up

Jake E’s Riding Round Up is an Equine Therapy,Christian non-profit healing center offering P.E.A.C.E. – People thru Equines Achieving Courage & Empowerment – located in Kaufman, Texas. The Center was established in memory of founder Jana Ewing Syvrud’s 3-year-old son, Jacob Eli, who died in a tragic, non-equine related accident in April of 2010. The Kaufman-based therapeutic healing center focuses on improving the lives of individuals with a need to find peace. Today the non-profit offers services to a variety of clients in Kaufman, Van Zandt, Smith, Rockwall and Dallas Counties including veterans and at-risk youth as well as elderly and special needs individuals.

Paul Baskin

Heaven’s Heartstrings Ministries

With a passion to see believers everywhere walk in the fullness of all of God’s blessings, Paul has a unique gift for helping people feel the embrace of the strong loving Presence of God. In churches and communities where he has both ministered and visited, he is recognized as a prophetic psalmist with a continuing fresh message that warms the heart while urging the people of God to rise up and do what is right to inherit the kingdom of God.
Through weaving prayer and worship together, it is not uncommon for many in the atmosphere of worship to receive healing of emotional hurts and wounds through the ministry of the Lord through Paul. Most recently many people are physically healed during times of prayer and worship in the meetings.   Miracles come because of God’s great love for mankind.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

In 1999, our leaders realized that at the speed we were going, it would be at least 2150 before a Bible translation could be started for every language that needed one.As they thought about the people perishing around the world every day without receiving the Good News of the gospel, they felt God calling them to adopt a new goal for accomplishing this mission.
Our leaders committed to do everything we could to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025.
Today, at least 2,000 languages* are still waiting for a Bible translation to begin, and Wycliffe is working faster than ever to reach those languages as soon as possible.

Community Chaplains

“Studies show an alarming 90 percent of Christians do not feel they’ve been adequately trained to apply biblical faith in their work life,” or community.  Can you imagine the impact the Body of Christ could have if believers understood that their communities were their “mission fields,” and those same believers were adequately equipped to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of individual communities?  That is exactly what the community chaplain’s training is designed to achieve. 


• Who is a Chaplain?
• Finding the Right Ministry to Fit Your Temperament
• Healthy Self – Helping Others
• Establishing Relationships Conducive to Ministry
• Learning to Listen
• Families at Risk
• Issues of Aging in the Marketplace
• Stages of Grief
• Ministering to Terminally Ill Persons
• Ministering to Families Touched by Death
• Ministering to Those With Drug & Alcohol Addiction
• Acceptance Without Compromise
• Ministering Effectively in Crisis Situations
• Understanding Ministry Resources


Ohana Ministries

Working to strengthen existing family structures, open hearts and homes to at risk children, and provide ongoing training and support for foster, adoptive, single-parent, step-parent, and grandparent homes.
Part of Hawaiian culture, ‘ohana’ means family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional. It emphasizes that family are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another.