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Trinity Missions 2022

Sumy, Ukraine

Join us for a life-changing trip where we are going to be serving an amazing Ukrainian Church in Sumy city.

Leader: Thiago Abreu / Matt McKay
Date: June 13-24, 2022
Cost: $2800 (prices may change)

Preliminary we plan to serve as follows:

  • Visiting low-income families at home, praying for them, preaching the Gospel and helping with a food set;
  • Evangelistic holidays for children;
  • Prayer trips in the city;
  • Evangelism on the streets of Sumy and personal prayer;
  • It is possible to visit hospitals and pray for the sick (depending on the situation with the pandemic);
  • Youth evangelism in the streets;
  • Prayer at the stadium for youth evangelism in 2023;
  • Evangelistic screening of films on the big screen;
  • Team meeting with the Governor and Prayer Breakfast at the Capitol;
  • An evangelistic service on Sunday;
  • Conference for children minister leaders;
  • Other options are possible, depending on how the people in the team can serve.
PS: Ukraine has a rich history that goes back centuries and you’ll have an opportunity to visit several sights during this trip.

For more information:

Thiago Abreu

Mission Info

Trinity Church is committed to present the Kingdom of God to this generation and beyond!

Come and join us for this Mission trip, as we see the nations reached with the good news of Jesus.

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General information

Date: June 13-24, 2022

Estimated Trip Cost $2800 per person.

Payment Plan: This payment plan is not mandatory, this is just an easy way to break up your payments into smaller goals.

Payments Due Amount
Deposit - Non-Refundable      January 31, 2022       $200.00
1st payment February 28, 2022 $1,000.00
2nd payment March 31, 2022 $1,000.00
3rd payment April 30, 2022 $600.00
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Use the provided link to make your initial deposit, payments or to give towards someone going on this Missions Trip!

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The citizens of the United States of America are eligible to enter or transit through the territory of Ukraine on a visa-free basis if their stay doesn't exceed 90 days in 180 days period.

Our team will stay in this hotel.


Practical Information

Transatlantic flight is the longest and takes about 10 hours, then there is also one more plane in Europe which is about 3-4 hrs. The main airport of Ukraine is in Kiev and we need to travel to the Eastern Ukraine, will take 6 hrs comfortable fast train from Kiev to the destination.


We will have great opportunities to minister in the city of Sumy. This mission trip will not only impact the lives that we encounter but your life will also be changed and impacted forever!


People began to settle on both banks of the Psel River from ancient times. In the south-western suburbs of the present city of Sumy, the remains of the burial places of the 1st millennium BC were found. In the 2nd-6th centuries AD, Slavic tribes lived here.

In the central part of Sumy there are remains of an ancient Russian settlement of the 11th century, on the basis of which the settlement of Sumin appeared in 1652. Until 1659, these places were inhabited by several waves of settlers from behind the Dnieper River and the exact date of the foundation of Sumy is not known.

One of the reasons for the founding of Sumy was the political situation of the second half of the 17th century. In 1651, the Ukrainian Cossacks under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnytsky were defeated near Berestechko, the consequence of which was the intensification of exploitation and national oppression of the Ukrainian people by the Polish magnates.

After this defeat, the Ukrainian Cossacks began to move massively to the region that became known as Sloboda Ukraine located at the borderlands with Russia, which was practically not inhabited before. “Sloboda” was the term for a free settlement without taxes obligations and “Ukraine” meant “borderland”. In 1654, according to Pereyaslav Agreement, the Ukrainian Cossacks swore allegiance to the Russian Tsar while retaining a wide autonomy.

Here some important items:

1. Summer clothes
2. Long sleeves tops, long pants and light jacket for evenings
3. Mosquito and bug repellent
4. Sunscreen
6. Swimming suite
7. Universal Travel Adapter (Voltage converter)
8. Any type of emergency medicine that you think you might need.

As right now it's not require any kind of shot to enter Ukraine.
We do have to show a negative covid test to be able to enter the country.

"Therefore, Go..."

Matthew 28:19a

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