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Trinity Missions 2022

Gulu, Uganda

Join us for a life-changing trip where we are going to be serving an amazing project in Gulu, Uganda.

Leader: Thiago Abreu / John Michael
Date: August 22-30, 2022
Cost: $3,000 (prices may change)

Learn about the project we are partnering with to make a difference in Uganda, Africa.

Gulu Community Park Fly through:
See what Gulu Community Park will look like when it is finished! Construction is underway.

The first of its kind in Uganda - Creating the social hub of Gulu City that has one of the youngest populations in the world.  The Body of Christ will be stewarding this hub!

Ruby Report: From a child’s perspective… Ruby age 6, Vienna age 2 ½
October 2021

World Embrace YouTube Channel

Mission Info

Trinity Church is committed to present the Kingdom of God to this generation and beyond!

Come and join us for this Mission trip, as we see the nations reached with the good news of Jesus.

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General information

Date: August 22-30, 2022

Estimated Trip Cost $3,000 per person.

Payment Plan: This payment plan is not mandatory, this is just an easy way to break up your payments into smaller goals.

Payments Due Amount
Deposit - Non-Refundable      June 15, 2022       $500.00
1st payment July 5, 2022 $1,000.00
2nd payment August 5, 2022 $1,500.00

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Use the provided link to make your initial deposit, payments or to give towards someone going on this Missions Trip!

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Instructions To Apply For a Ugandan Tourist Visa
(You should start you VISA process the last week of June)

1. You will need to get these things ready to be added:

*Note that the upload file size is a bit unreasonable (250kb).  You need to resize your photo scans to comply with this limit.  This is a great website you can resize your items to be small enough for the UG Visa website:  https://www.reduceimages.com/

Digital scan or photo of your:  
Passport (your passport cannot expire within 6 months)
Yellow Fever Card
Return Flight

Photo of yourself

2. Go to this site:  https://visas.immigration.go.ug
Click “Start a New Application”

*You cannot use any type of punctuation - no commas, apostrophes, etc. or it will not submit correctly.

Select type of application:
Visa or permit type:  Visa
Category: Uganda Ordinary/Tourist Visa
Subcategory:  ​Single Entry
Passport Type:  Ordinary Passport
Spell out your home State in the place of birth
Place of Issue:  Copy the info below “Authority” on your passport.  It should say “United States Department of State
Children endorsed on your passport:  No (even if your child is traveling with you)
Contact in Uganda:  Reynold Mainse, +256 778 491 137, ADDRESS: Highland Subward, Agwee Parish, Laroo Pece Division, Gulu City
Purpose of visit:  Tourism
Entry Date:  Put the date you arrive in Entebbe
Point of entry or where you want to have your visa personalized:  Entebbe
Your duration of stay: Put total days in country

​​Add Documents

Remember the upload file limit of 250kb per file-resize things on website above if they won’t upload
Yellow Fever: This file should be a scan of the front page of your yellow vaccination book or the page that lists the actual shot details for yellow fever.
If it asks for return flight - upload eticket

Review and Submit

Carefully review and print the summary and submit your application.
After you click submit, you will see an application ID number-write that number down or print the page.
Follow steps to payment
Pay $50 fee
*In some cases the Pay Button does not appear at the end of the application.  If this is the case, click the link within your application confirmation email in order to complete payment.
*In other cases, banks rejected the payment because it is from Uganda.  In this case, call your bank and notify them of the charge and your travel.
Watch for confirmation and visa
It is common for confirmation emails to not be delivered due to spam filters.
Check your email for an email confirmation that your application has been submitted.  This could take a few days.
Check your email again for an email confirming successful payment.
Check the status of your application here:  https://visas.immigration.go.ug/#/check


Our team will stay in hotel.

Practical Information

Transatlantic flight is the longest and takes about 11 hours, then there is also one more plane in Europe which is about 6 hrs. When we arrive in Uganda, we will take a 5 hours private bus to get to the city. It's a good opportunity to see Africa.

World Embrace is a Christian charitable organization based in Gulu, Uganda, that is pursuing regional transformation through creating the social hub of the city. (USA EIN 47-5358218, Canada 845991629 RR0001)

In Northern Uganda, over the last seven years World Embrace has been very active and innovative.  This has culminated in the creation of Gulu Community Park – an evangelistic discipleship centre. Reynold and Kathy Mainse founded World Embrace in 2007 and moved to Uganda in 2015 to establish the mission.

Weekly, thousands of children, youth, and their families will encounter Jesus while enjoying 10 acres of sports, games, education, ministry and entertainment. Most importantly, there will be plenty of opportunities for the children and youth of Gulu to be mentored and discipled.

Gulu Community Phase ONE Park Overview (Targeting to Open March 2023):


-Gospel Concerts / Crusades / Worship nights

-Daily Children’s Ministry Programs / Children’s Dance Club Programs

-Weekly Seminars: Agricultural, NGO, Marriage, Family, Business, etc.

-Monthly Visiting Teams Ministry Outreaches

-Weekly Movie Nights / Educational Video Shows / Live Feed Sporting Events

-Monthly Town Halls / Cultural Nights

Kid City – 8 Areas:

-Library - Mentor Children / Teach Reading Skills / Reading Club

-Building Blocks 4 Kids – Teaching the Importance of God’s Word and Evangelism

-Games Room – Teach and Mentor Children through games

-Kids Movie Theater – Educational and Christian Movies and Videos

-Arts Centre - Teach and Mentor Children through the arts

-Kids Chapel – Daily Bible Story Time / Weekly Scripture Memorization

-Computer Lab – Teach and Mentor Children through computers

-Science Centre - Teach and Mentor Children through science

Toddler Town:

-Teach preschool children skills that will help these little ones better prepare for school (numbers, letters, colors, shapes, sharing, problem solving, etc… ).

-The women working with these children will teach bible stories and lead children in worship. They will teach the preschoolers songs about Jesus and God’s love for them.

Kids Sports:




-Running Club


-Every sport will have coaches and chaplains who are well-trained.  They will teach the children skills that will benefit them not only on the field, track, and court but also for life.  They will also take time to disciple and pray with them.

The Sand Box (1/2 acre of fun) & Play Mountain:

-Between the many planned activities the children will have a blast playing in the Sand Box and on Play Mountain.

-Here they will explore, exercise, and further develop their social skills.

-Five or six grandmas will be hired to keep an eye on the children at play. They will have opportunity to speak into the children’s lives in the story-telling zones.

4 Basketball Courts:

-All four basketball courts will be open in the Fall of 2022.

-Here World Embrace will impact the lives of thousands of youth and children passionate about this game.

-Our sport chaplains and coaches will work closely with the youth to introduce them to Jesus and disciple them.

WEC - Women’s Empowerment Center:

-The WEC is a large hut that is 12 metres in diameter that will house the women’s empowerment training and activities.  

-Programs will be designed to help women of all ages build self-confidence, develop job/life skills, and gain relevant work experience in a positive, nurturing environment that fosters personal and professional growth.

- Our main goal is to bring girls and women to the redemptive knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and help them become rooted and established in Him.

Phase TWO (Building to start Spring of 2023):

-The Gathering Place and Restaurant

-Nurses Station

-Dance Studio

-Fitness Centre

-Youth Volleyball Courts

-Youth Soccer Field

-Youth Games Room

Here some important items:

1. Hand Sanitizer.
2. Flashlight.
3. Mosquito and bug repellent
4. Sunscreen
5. Universal Travel Adapter (Voltage converter)
6. Any type of emergency medicine that you think you might need.

The only requirement is the international yellow fever vacine card.

What is the yellow fever vaccine?

The yellow fever vaccine can prevent yellow fever. It’s given as a single shot at least 10 days prior to travel. Booster shots are recommended for people who remain at risk.
The yellow fever vaccine is only administered at approved vaccination centers that can provide the traveler with a valid International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP). This certificate is valid for 10 years from the 10th day after vaccination and is required to enter certain countries.

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Matthew 28:19a

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